Oil changes…

Motor oil is a critical component for the proper continued operation of your car or truck and regularly changing it is critical to the long term health of your vehicle.  Lubricating an engine with motor oil is needed to reduce friction, heat and wear of critical moving parts

Over time, the engine’s heat breaks down the oil so it no longer works as well.  Many engines, especially on older ones, burn oil while running, reducing the level in the engine block.  Also, during normal use the oil picks up and trap grit and tiny particles further reducing its effectiveness.  Even though there is a filter to help clean it, in time the oil no longer lubricates and the oil and filter must be changed.

How often your oil needs to be changed depends on a number of things including the type of vehicle, the type of oil and how you drive, to name a few variables.  Check with your vehicle’s manufacture to find out the recommended maintenance schedule for your car or truck and then bring it in so we can set up a schedule.

If you can’t remember when you last changed your oil, here are some tips that you should have it done now!!

  • You really don’t know when it was last changed
  • You check engine/ check oil light is on
  • Your oil level is low
  • Your oil is very dark or gritty
  • You engine sounds like it is running louder than it usually does

Still unsure?  Come by and let us take a look.

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